Wednesday, October 19, 2005

now you know what it's like to be in my head.

i can not fucking wait to go home and eat some ramen noodles. ramen noodles are fucking good and they're only like ten cents. it's like if you have a quarter you could eat for the whole day. i'm going to start carrying ramen noodles around in my giant ugly plastic nine dollar purse and handing them out to all the fucking derelicts that ask me for money every day. i can feed all the transients i pass on the way to work for like one dollar a day. or i could spend the dollar on myself and get some fucking gourmet ramen noodles. i don't really have a dollar. these are pretty much pipe dreams.

i'm just kidding about not having one dollar i actually have a dollar. i actually have like six hundred of them. negative. you would think that means that i like DON'T have six hundred dollars but actually it means that i do have six hundred dollars just they are like incomplete and i need a whole two more dollars to join with it and make it a real dollar. i guess it's like the bank is telling me that for two dollars i can buy one dollar from them and i have to do it because of the elasticity of the demand and say the bank is a monopoly. so it's like i need $1200 to have $600. banks are magic like that. i am waiting for the bank to tell me that i have 600i in there. imaginary numbers. i am going to start keeping my money under my matress again.

i can not fucking wait to go home and eat some motherfucking ramen noodles.
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