Wednesday, October 12, 2005

nourir moi

on friday i am going to eat a vodka soaked scorpion. i will probably also take my pants off at some point. you should come.

when it gets cold i am going to go to the video store down the street i forget what the fuck it's called probably videoville or something and i'm going to rent shitty shitty videos and wrap myself up in blankets and watch them on my balcony while i drink something hot like coffee but not coffee because i'll be off coffee by then and on to the next thing. i rotate psychotropic agents. ethanol nicotiana glauca cannabis sativa cocaine hydrochloride methylphenidate alprazolam methylxanthine methylenedioxymethamphetamine diacetylmorphineis. ephemeral excess. if you come i will show you the vcr on the balcony and i will say do you have a vcr on your balcony and a shitty video store on your corner and a hot thermos of mentholmethylethanol, NO. NO piping hot menthol meth booze for you!

i'll show you my room. no matter what i do to it it still looks like a crack den i don't know why. i'm going to go with it i guess. i'm going to get a giant bucket of plastic cockroaches and stick up a swarm of them on the wall. i'm going to get creative with choreboy.

i'm going to swallow a scorpion whole on friday and then later when i vomit my brains out i can pick it out of the puke and play with it. then i'm going to rinse it off or not rinse it off and send it to the pants. yes.

endless ephemeral eras of excess in extralegal essences. feed me.

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