Tuesday, October 11, 2005

my new filing technique is unstoppable

oh my god i am so totally bored at work right now i could die. i could just die!

i can do anything i want with statistics. later i'm going to prove i am awesome. with statistics. data suggests that erin is actually awesome. believe it.

it is so fucking lame that i have to go through irb review in order to analyze data that has already been collected and not publish a paper about it. that is so fucking stupid it could probably make my head explode if i thought about it for too long.

what the fuck am i even supposed to be doing right now? oh yeah, factor analysis. lame. actually i'm only pretending i think that is lame. i actually love factor analysis with all of my heart. i can make it say anything i want it to. it's like mathematical fiction and that is awesome. please don't tell anyone factor analysis is not real. i don't want to lose the power i have over the stupid hr people. they are mesmerised by words like priniciple components and artificial dichotomies.

i get to write some lady an email now telling her she is stupid. if you want to tell someone they are stupid in a business email you have to say 'for future reference.' like for future reference, your customer number is not 299810, it is 299830, you stupid fucking idiot.

tuesdays were the worst days now we drink champaign when we're thirst-ay.

i'm going to go take a nap under my desk now, like mandy, or george costanza.

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