Monday, October 10, 2005

my future ex husband is a widower and no we are not mormons

having a secret open marriage is awesome like if you go out to eat and you have a super hot waiter you can follow him into the walk in cooler and kiss him and then you get a tax break later awesome and that is awesome.

love and marriage love and marriage go together like coffee and cigarettes and vodka-tussins and you remember the triaminic i'll remember the love and dead birds on the train and onions and teenage suicide don't do it.

yeah right like i really got married on friday what do you think i am a fucking idiot? the only thing my marriage licence is doing is collecting dust. and getting waved in all my gay friends faces while i'm like "hey, you'll never have one of these!"

the only thing more disasterous than dating someone who gets just as bored and has just as stupid ideas of how to relieve boredom than i do would be being married to that person. he is going to be the end of me.
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