Friday, October 21, 2005

lose it

i am so well on my way to becoming the crazy lady around the neighborhood.

i forgot to pack my ipod when i moved so i walk to the train singing every day. like not under my breath. singing LOUDLY. crazy singing lady.

i finally picked up my ipod so now i can walk to the train singing even louder because i can't hear myself. crazy lady walking to the train singing velvet underground songs REALLY LOUDLY. velvet underground songs are not that good to sing to. like i fucking care i can't even hear myself.

then i progressed to dancing. why can't i walk down the street dancing and pretend i'm in a musical? hey there goes crazy singing lady, she's dancing today. velvet underground is not that good to dance to. cajual's future sounds of chicago is good to dance to.

today i winked at someone. woah, crazy lady winking at people like she's a perverted eighty five year old man.

have you seen crazy lady who thinks she's in a musical?

yeah i saw her yesterday screaming MOTHER BITCH at her bronx poodle. that bitch is fucking crazy!

have you ever seen a bronx poodle? this is what a bronx poodle looks like:

there's a guy that lives on the street i grew up on that thinks he is in the 1950s. he has an old old old black car that looks like it might be the first car that was ever invented or something and he wears old old old suits and his old old old curtains are in tatters because he can't get new ones because if he went to a store or something he might accidentally realize it is not 1952 anymore and then his head would implode.

he has a lifesize cardboard cut out of his dead mom seatbelted into his car that he never drives. bates motel. i am hoping that over the years i can acheive the neighborhood crazy status of that guy.
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