Thursday, October 27, 2005

last night some retards broke into my condo. HA HA RETARDS NOBODY LIVES THERE ANYMORE!!! i would fucking love to know what the fuck those retards said when they broke open the door and found an apartment full of dog hair and a bunch of crap i didn't even want enough to bother moving. oh wait, i know what they said. FUUUUCK.

too bad i should have been like "OH MY GOD WHERE IS MY SAFE THAT IS FILLED WITH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!" my dad's like i'm surprised they didn't take anything! i'm like even i don't want that shit and it's mine.

i think when the white sox win the world series you are supposed to loot like a store or something not an abandoned apartment. oh i'm sorry the white sox didn't win the world series, WHITE SOX SWEPT THE WORLD SERIES, HELL YES!!!

we drove down to the south side last night it was crazy everyone was partying in the streets. traffic was insane and people were getting up on top of their cars with forties and shit. people were waving bottles of champaign out of their windows. i didn't have any champaign but i had some champaign of beers. kids had brooms out and were sweeping the streets. maybe one day the cubs will sweep the world series. not.

i think maybe i should have partied in the dirty op last night my friends called me from the madison street bars to let me know some lady was handing out lines in the bathroom at scoreboards. hell yes let's all do a rail for the world champion chicago white sox.

hey mike conti, are you ready to move to chicago now?
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