Sunday, October 23, 2005

kill me now

i came into possession of this thing on saturday. i'm not saying how i came into possession of this thing. okay maybe i stole it. or maybe someone stole it for me or something.

i came into possession of this thing. i don't know what it is really. like i know what it looks like but then it says all this weird shit on this paper that came with it that made me all confused.

anyway i'm pretty sure i'm going to die now because it says that i'm going to be killed on that peice of paper. or something. it's like i'm in a horror movie. yes. i think maybe death by something like going back in time and killing the fetus of me by stabbing my mom in the stomach or something. then i go to dead baby purgatory.

if my mom's fetus gets killed in 1979 suddenly none of you will ever have read my blog and you will get this little feeling in your stomach like you lost something but you won't know what or why. it will only last for like two seconds. maybe someone will somehow remember and then they will be in their own horror movie. WHY IS THERE NO RECORD OF ERIN EVER EXISTING THIS SHIT IS INSANE!!! maybe hayley joel osmont will solve the mystery of it.

of all the things i've ever stole none of them ever said any cryptic shit about me getting killed on it before. fucking hilarious.
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