Monday, October 24, 2005

i don't know what fall break is but i'm on it

friday was derrick carter's birthday. HELL YES PARTY LIKE IT'S 1996!

derrick carter spins fantastic house music like they used to play at rave parties in shut down bowling alleys and abaondoned graphite factories in the nineties before everybody was eating ecstasy and rubbing vicks vapo-rub all over their faces and playing with each others hair and throwing glowsticks around listening to trance and being in general RETARDED.

but then on saturday i infiltrated their ranks when i became a...

secret night time logan square candy raver

so friday i was wearing a normal gray shirt and some jeans and i danced and thrashed around a lot and got fucked up and threw up behind some dumpsters and i listened to derrick carter and saw a ton of my friends and saturday i dressed up like a candy raver and walked to a party drinking a 20oz vodka and red pop with jessica and stole someone's dreams. no one wanted to do shots of jager with us. what the fuck.

mike conti called me while i was laying in the alley transient-like but i didn't answer it because i couldn't figure out where the ringing was coming from and the next day there were like seven unsmoked cigarettes in the ashtray because i kept wanting to smoke cigarettes and then changing my mind like four seconds into it. the next day being saturday, the day on which i was still drunk when i started drinking again.

sunday i saw the great love of my life and i laid around his house sighing and hungover with my hand on my head and it was his birthday and i gave him something i found at my house. i also drew him a really awesome comic called 'it's a green light why the fuck aren't we moving.' it has nothing to do with green lights. i drew it in traffic. i have no idea how i manage to lure so many people into the disgraceful mess that is dating me. the sad thing is that he already knew i was like this before. it must be true love.
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