Friday, October 14, 2005

i did not know the blues until i met him

my dad works at a newspaper at night and he comes home and drinks whiskey out of waterford crystal glasses and listens to his ipod and shadowboxes and the next day my mom rolls her eyes and tells him he is a drunk, and crazy.

except last night after work he came over and sat on my balcony and watched me drink a beer and smoke a cigarette and complimented mandy on her fabulous cookies.

we went to a blues club like three blocks from my house which according to the blue's guy at the newspaper is the best blues club in chicago. it's called rosa's and rosa was there and she was about 110 years old and she was dancing behind the bar and her son tony was playing drums with james wheeler and this crazy black blonde bombshell woman came onstage with a whip and sang a song about not wanting no instant breakfast honey you better bring me a real meal. she invited me to her birthday party.

the next guys were fucking awesome i forget what they were called but the one guy's name was chainsaw and the drummer was some young guy wearing an enyce sweatsuit and chainsaw ran out to his car and gave my dad a cd and he told us if we email him he'll write back. they only played like 4 songs and when they were done we were so disappointed we had to leave. the next guys were from austria anyway and what does austria know about the blues?

i think i'm in love with the blues.
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