Monday, September 19, 2005

you can't come home and lay in your bed and cry and eat your cereal and wash your dish and cry when you live with me.

i will make you stop crying by saying something asinine or sarcastic.

i will be like oh god you are such a hot bitch when you're sad and i will take pictures of you.

or i will sing a song and i will put your name in it. probably that rolling stones song angie. mandy mandy when will those clouds all disappear? mandy mandy where will it lead us from here?

i will take you on top of a building and we can both scream at the top of our lungs and break bottles on the street below.

i will buy you special chocolate.

if someone made you cry i will make you a claymation video of me ripping their arm off and beating them to death with it.

i will not hug you though. unless you are so drunk it is necessary for you to stand or something. then i will.
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