Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i love you i love you not

i fucking love blogs LOVE THEM SO MUCH I WANT TO MARRY THEM.

blogs are fucking awesome. how awesome? show your tits to old men in convenience stores awesome and that's AWESOME and makes me want them to come sleep on my couch and climb a water tower in a cemetary with me and mash avocados all over our faces and lick them off. AWESOME.

so fucking awesome they make me cry tears all over my keyboard and short circuit it and i want to marry them at gas stations and have a wet white wedding dress contest where they spray me with gasoline and we draw rings on our fingers with pens and THAT'S AWESOME.

myspace is not awesome i hate it HATE IT SO MUCH I WANT TO MURDER IT.

people on myspace are not geniuses. they are not geniuses at all.

people on myspace are retards and whores. and retarded whores. retards with no friends and whores with no friends. and really what kind of whore has no friends because doesn't everyone love a whore?

myspace people will write you poems and send you topless pictures of themselves and invite you for discreet fun or coffee and it is fucking sick and pathetic.

wow. you like bret easton ellis and so do i wow. that's really wow. crazy. you think i'm beautiful. crazy. you think i'm beautiful in a picture where you can't see my face because the flash is reflecting all over the place. wow. you think i'm intelligent and kind hearted. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I'M INTELLIGENT AND KINDHEARTED BASED ON A PICTURE OF MY HEAD AND SOME WORDS THAT SAY SHIT LIKE "I LIKE TAXI DRIVER AND MF DOOM"???

can someone please make myspace into some kind of interactive role play game so i can grab a virtual sawed off shotgun and put on my murder suit and go on a myspace rtk spree? please? iggy can you do this for me?

you are now exiting lame city. if i forget to delete my myspace profile when i get home you can call me a retarded whore at my funeral after i commit suicide for hating myself so bad. bye.

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