Sunday, September 18, 2005

i am boring

yesterday i found an apartment. my dog is going to eat the downstairs neighbors kids and then i am going to go to prison.

i drove to elgin. traffic was terrible. road rage. i ate a chimichanga aka deep fried jabba the hut.

i looked at a fire and talked about seinfeld and horse fucking.

i drove from some place i didn't know where it was to some other place i didn't know where it was and my navigator passed out so i had to be like caravaned there.

then i had to wake squeeze his face and be like WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP wehavetogetoutofthecarRIGHTNOW. or else i was going to wake up in a car on the street and maybe even waking up in a car on the street dead like michael jordan's father because that is what happens. yes.

then in the morning i jumped out of the window.

i just brushed my teeth and drooled toothpaste all over the floor.

i'm probably going to fall asleep right now and then i won't be able to sleep at night and then i will play my violin and my neighbors will be like what the fuck doesn't she play anything besides various movements of vivaldi's concerto in a minor? and i will be like no, i don't.

tell me something good to write about and i will write about it and if it's boring i can blame you and then i won't have to feel like i want to kill myself because i can't even write a blog. i will want to kill you instead and then i will go to prison.

there is pretty much no way around me going to prison eventually.
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