Wednesday, September 28, 2005

how many golf balls can you fit in your ass?

for some reason there are all these dumpsters at work today and also entire cubicles full of monitors and keyboards and phones and there are wires everwhere. pretty much all the shit you probably need to build a robot that can do my job.

i totally wish i had my camera so i could show you how hilarious ten thousand phones piled on top of each other look but i guess i have to say it with words instead. THERE IS A WHOLE CUBICLE PILED FOUR FEET HIGH WITH OFFICE TELEPHONES AND IT LOOKS CRAZY!!! get it? i am totally going to steal an office phone for my house so i can have conference calls and shit. i should get two so when people call for mandy i can be like hold please, while i transfer your call. except it will all be for fake because ha ha we won't have a landline.

i have a landline right now but nobody ever calls me on it because i don't give the number out because i would rather incur $400 in overage fees on my cellphone than have potentially crazy people calling my house. it's true, if you don't know my landline number it's because i think you are mental or annoying as hell.

if you can guess how many golf balls my brother thinks i can fit in my ass you will win the prize of knowing that you are a good guesser.
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