Friday, September 09, 2005

hey lady nice muumuu

i've had 13 roommates. they all know i like to wear sweatpants rolled up all LL cool J style and pace around the apartment and eat over the sink and that in the winter i turn the heat up to tropical levels so i can walk around in underwear and knee socks.

mandy will find out too.

i hope we live by a good mexican place and maybe a hot dog stand or maybe there will be a little old guy who pushes a hot dog cart past our apartment on a regular basis. i hope we live by a cheap convenince store that is open 24 hours.

i hope one day we are hungover and become blood brothers. i hope she likes to dress up because everything is more interesting when you're wearing a wig or angel wings. i hope she is not appalled by my superfluous disclosure policy.

man, she is going to hate it when i come sliding out of my room risky business style in an outfit that is more socks than anything else and am like hey lady nice muumuu won't you dance with me?

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