Monday, September 26, 2005

curtsy with your pants off

if any old people with dead daughters are reading this i will pretend to be your daughter. you can pay for my school just like you would be doing if your daughter wasn't dead and i probably kind of look like your daughter because i kind of look like everyone. i have brown hair. you can call me kathrine even though i hate that name and i will wear her sweater and come over for dinner on sundays.

i want to move into a giant loft in pilsen with a stage in it. a real stage with a red and gold curtain and everything. i'm going to do live soft core porn shows there. like with bad plots and bad dialouge and everything. has this been done yet?

i'm way better at coming up with schemes to make money than i am at actually making money. who wants to buy a shirt that says curtsy with your pants off on it?
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