Friday, September 02, 2005

bang bang shoot shoot

i wish i didn't break my fucking camera by vodka and cranberry leaking all over it in dan's backpack while we were having sex in some strangers' front yard because then i could just put some pictures of myself in my underwear on here instead of actually writing something. blah blah blah.

also if my camera wasn't broken i could have taken a picture of the fucking guy i saw walking down the street wearing a fucking strap of BULLETS across his chest. i need some of those. or just a little gun i can wear on my thigh, with little short skirts. then when people stood too close to me on the train i could lean into them and whisper "i'm armed to the teeth."

cameras and guns. they should invent a gun with little cameras that take a picture of you while you're shooting while simultaneously taking a picture of your victim. so you can see how fucking crazy you look while you're blowing away someone super freaked out looking. a souvenir.

i would totally make an ultra violent screen scaver slide show.
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