Monday, August 01, 2005

woah, i found notebooks from high school. awesome.

what the fuck is going on in this study hall?

1. There are no windows in this room
2. Amy's desk has three screws in the middle of it, no idea why
3. why is jason looking so close at his book? is he blind? or just studying hard.
4. this girl in here thinks $16 for a hello kitty lunch box is a bargain.
5. why is glasses all dressed up, he even has a brand new pencil behind his ear.
6. theres these squares in the wall that maybe are secret panels or something.
7. stefano scotto had to go to el freshmen supporto.
8. glasses never even wears his glasses anymore. glasses new name is contacts.
9. somebody started to carve OPRF sucks into this desk but they only got to OPRF s
10. when jason is sleeping it looks like he has a new head.
11. glasses needs a new excuse to get up besides to sharpen his pencil because the pencil sharpener doesn't even work.

apparently this is what i did every day in study hall. wrote down everything that everyone was doing around me.

here's another good one:

"on friday i went to kevin pele's house and got drunk and watched neon maniacs, pretty much because i'm going to get him to let me put my books in his locker because i walk past it like ten times a day and when am i ever near my locker? never. what the fuck was i thinking, because now i'm in family living and he keeps messing up my hair and writing on the back of my neck. oh well, this class is so boring anyways."

i totally love how i was whoring myself out to some kid so i could put my books in his locker and alleviate boredom in family living. yes, i actually took a class called family living. i also took a class called journal writing. that's what these notebooks are from. awesomest class ever. we had to write like 20 pages a week about whatever we wanted and that's it. then in class we just sat around and talked about stupid shit. like one time we discussed whether or not it was cool to have sex with a girl when she has her period. ms. levine thought it was all good. lonnie did not. i think he called her a dirty bitch.

ah, high school.
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