Thursday, August 04, 2005

why i love boxing

if you're sitting in front you can wear a dress like you are at the opera or something. there's something about getting dressed up and jumping out of your seat and yelling and screaming and watching two people beat the shit out of each other that really does it for me. you might get blood on you. when the newspaper airs a photo of a guy hitting the mat so hard sweat explodes everywhere your screaming head might be in the background. good thing you wore earrings. you might even get to sit next to bobby hitz and butterbean because all the industry people know your dad and they're like "bobby mastermind!" and they all shake hands and you can smoke a cigar with a bunch of people dressed like pimps. i am going to be wearing a dress and smoking a cigar in heaven. did i mention you might get your picture taken?

even if you are not sitting in front getting your picture taken with blood on your dress and a cigar in your mouth boxing is still the best sport ever. there's no teamwork, because fuck teamwork, that shit is retarded. there is no i in retarded but the word team is practically in there. team sports suck because you have to pay attention to a whole bunch of people at once. fuck that shit. watching a good fight is intense. there is so much skill involved, and strategy.

anyway i'm all fired up about boxing right now because i'm going to this:

i'm not sitting in front so i'm probably wearing jeans and flip flops but maybe still smoking a cigar. probably me and my brother will need binoculars to see which one of the girls that holds up the cards between rounds is the hottest but that's okay. since we have cheap seats my dad got me an extra ticket so if you love boxing i will bring you.

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