Friday, August 19, 2005

wait, who?

one time we were at xani bar's parents house and aimee ended up fucking this 15 year old bisexual kid in the library on a tablecloth. she didn't know he was 15. we found out later. i was sleeping in xani bar's brother's room and i wake up to see my naked friend trying to get in the bed with us. i'm like WOAH! then like 5 minutes later i hear xani bar screaming erin! get the fuck out here! and she's standing in the library watching them fuck on the floor, on a tablecloth. good thing the situation was too hilarious for her to wonder what the hell i was doing in her brother's room.

anyway, i remembered that kid's name for years and aimee never did so just to be a bitch i'd always be like "hey, what was that kids name again?"

the other day i was over at xani bar's house and i'm like hey, remember when we went over to that guys house and the car broke down and we climbed on top of that building and you cut your hand and passed out at the sight of your own blood? and then later you fucked him on the pool table? what was his name? she's like, huh, i have no idea. i'm like wasn't it josh or something? jason? she had no clue.

forgetting people's names you fucked is hilarious.

what's even more hilarious is when you forget a whole person you fucked. like the whole event is lost. then your friend is like remember when you fucked connor and you're like i never-OH WAIT, I TOTALLY DID. probably that would be even funnier if the guy was like a good friend and you broke into your future apartment and ended up fucking and that was why you got evicted before you even moved in. then you could be like OH YEAH, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED.

it's good to have friends to remind you of these things.
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