Saturday, August 06, 2005

a summer sac is a sweaty sac

once upon a time there were two girls named lisa and erin.

erin and lisa fell in love at a party and spent the whole summer drinking tequilla and hitchhiking and trying to get guys at bars to trace their nutsacs in a notebook.

lisa and erin moved in together and spent a year doing blow and going to shows and eating avacado tacos and baby potato burritos.

then lisa moved into a gray house and erin moved into a blue house and erin went over to lisa's house and drank ketel one out of the bottle and lisa went over to erin's house and curled up under the covers and cried because her boyfriend was a drug addict.

erin and lisa graduated and moved to chicago and one day erin was at the smart bar and she saw lisa's boyfriend and she ran over like where's lisa where's lisa and suddenly erin's face was all bloody and she turned around and said did he just hit me in the fucking face and when she turned back everyone was gone. erin didn't press charges. that was the end of lisa and erin.


fast forward to the not so distant future when erin and lisa met up at tank and ate sushi and got falling down drunk and had a fucking fantastic adventure. that is what is going to occur in the next 10 hours or so. yes i can predict the future. it's not hard how can i not have a fabulous time getting drunk with a girl that says a summer sac is a sweaty sac? tequilla loaded lisa is fucking brilliant.
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