Sunday, August 21, 2005

a shoebox full of letters


the flag in my hand was cut off from the left side of the address labels i got from the veterans - why me?? anyway, here i am waving it to try to hold off the unknown in front of me. however i did too quick of a job and i had to try to draw my fingers back in just like i'm writing this card while at stop lights (there that's better behavior, oops i mean writing now). hey why do the lights turn green so fast when you want them to stay red - well another one of life's unanswerables like how come you're always missing one of the pair of two different pairs of socks from the dryer... we might never know - there are some things our species will never be able to comprehend. like why people go to college. i hope this smart talk phone card works ok and this other thing let's you know how devious the psycho-m corp is.


hey erin, i'm talking to you; yeh, you! don't make me say it twice, don't make me live a lie. there's too much trouble in the east already why kick the boiler it just might cause a shortage of silkworm pie - hey there - don't turn away, cause i'm talking to you, don't make me blow a hole up through the sky. now thank you, that's better behavior - wait quit kicking that mirror it's got feelings and more than one life that it owns. oops my man i'm sorry but my SMARTALK (R) just ran out of minutes, i gotta hang up the phone.


well assault my ears, abuse my audio canal. who do you want to regret they called? or is this a method of telling who can take it and who can't. well kick my mirror will you! throw out the baby with the bathwater baby it's up to you, but don't put the bathwater in my ice box or in my ear cause you'll see how quick i get wise. so wipe that mess-age off your lips and off your tape; it might sound like a sparkling gem of gods own cum to you but to me it sounds like a fart that took form and learned to drool. so blow off the lie my little neice, blow off the lie.
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