Monday, August 08, 2005


last night my brother calls me and is like do you still use that aol screen name smokey6199 or whatever? and i'm like uh, no, and he's like okay that's what i said and i'm like said to who and he's like dad said you got kicked out of aol or something but i'm like she doesn't even use that screen name anymore so whatever. i'm like kicked out of aol what are you talking about? my brother says someone is under your screen name or something and got in trouble under dad's account for saying something nasty. i'm like woah, what did they say? and he's like dad wouldn't tell me he was just like rarrrarrararaar i'm going to have to talk to erin about this.

but then! i remembered like a week ago this guy was over and he thought it would be hilarious to post on this message board like about how he is trying to save his fake marriage and oh yeah fake him and his fake wife are devil worshipers. so the next day i was probably hungover or something and i'm like hm, i'm going to reply to that post and he will never know it was me because I AM GOING TO USE MY SCREEN NAME FROM HIGH SCHOOL, HAHAHAH. i think i said something about bukkake or something. actually i think i said "you should try bukkake, you would probably love it you sick freaks." seriously i'm sure i wanted to say you sick fucks but i was probalby trying to be all demure and shit.

i do not even fucking believe i got kicked off aol for saying "bukkake." what. it's a real thing. what if i really like bukkake, i'm not allowed to talk about it? fuck that! what is aol a goddamn puritan or something??? seriously!

anyway i can't wait for my dad to call me and ask me why i'm suggesting bukkake as a marriage enhancer on aol message boards. i never thought i'd have the chance to discuss bukkake with my dad. awesome. i figure i'll just tell him if he would have hid his porn better when i was younger i wouldn't have known what bukkake was when i was eleven years old.

or else i could be like what dad, bukkake is beautiful, it's not my fault aol is a prude.
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