Wednesday, August 03, 2005

lies and the lying liars that lie

i used to live with these guys and this girl lisa. the one guy used to sell and the other guy used to run him around. the runner was a fucking idiot because he was the one that was disassembling the door of the volvo that was IN HIS DAD'S NAME and stuffing it full of pounds of illegal substances and driving all around the state.

they used to drive to south bend indiana and it was so fucking annoying because they would be gone for like 16 hours and the phone would ring all day long with kids calling us frantic to know if they were back yet. sometimes they would take extra long and me and lisa would get bored and do some blow and get paranoid and wonder if they had been arrested. if those idiots are in jail i am not bailing them out, i would say. then they would come home and our house would turn into a fucking street pharmacy for the next three hours with scales and baggies and all these kids milling around.

then the idiots would complain about being tired and sore from sitting in the car all day and they would want me and lisa to make them sandwhiches and rub their shoulders and shit and we would be like shut up.

anyway like a week ago i was driving through indiana and i saw a sign for south bend after i had been driving for like two hours. TWO HOURS. i really wanted to call those guys like hey, it only takes like three hours to drive to south bend WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU GUYS GOING? i mean what do you really do in indiana besides get your dick sucked at a meth house? maybe they were like on the down low. man, fucking liars.
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