Tuesday, August 23, 2005

last night i dreamed i was bleeding.

it started with a nosebleed and then it was pouring out of my whole head.

i woke up and i was drooling like crazy.

i licked my lips and looked in the mirror and there was blood all over my mouth.

i bit the inside of my cheek while i was sleeping.

i went back to sleep.

i dreamed about blood all night probably because i could taste it. i was chloe in glamorama when she starts spraying blood everywhere and her internal organs come spewing out of her.

i stared at my mouth in the mirror it was all wet and bloody.

who can i call at 3am. a guy i know in paris. it was seven hours later there. i left a voicemail. my mouth is all bloody and i'm dying a violent death in my dreams.

my eyes started watering and i was scared blood was coming out of them. i looked in the mirror and my eyes looked huge and strange. i looked at them for a long time. i hypnotized myself with them.

i laid down and squinched my eyes shut and opened them and made everything all swirly. i chewed on the inside of my cheek.

if i had any gas money i would have gotten in my car and driven. driven far away.
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