Monday, August 15, 2005

fuck tha police

ess aych is back in the op. i drove out tonight to see him. i knew ess back when he was a beautiful manwhore, before he was ravaged by schizophrenia. i usually remember him drinking 40s in the park yelling "i got burnt by gonnorrhea! i got burnt by gonorrhea twice!" and not like drooling and medicated.

et came out too. we're like pulling up to the bar and xani bar calls all "come over right now." she just found out her boyfriend has another girlfriend. no shit. that is what happens when you date an ugly idiot who is so greasy the shit oozes all over you when you fuck. sick. i'm like seriously, he was fucking ugly anyway. let it go.

went to the bar. got drunk. blah blah blah. then we decided it would be a good idea to get 40s and drink at the pleasant home (big mansion with nobody living in it). watched some crackheads wander around the grounds. then the cops showed up. the first thing xani bar said was something about pigs and assholes. great.

this cop was a fucking douche. some austrian guy named schne bials or some shit. xani bar was calling him shit balls. we could hear some girl across the street getting fucked. she was fucking screaming her head off. i don't really know what happened but suddenly the cop was telling us to get laid as much as we can and xani bar was pretending to ride a mechanical bull and the cop was talking about skipping the date and going right to the fucking or something. i'm sitting there with my head in my hands thinking what the fuck is going on right now.

i'm not totally sure but i think he insinuated that he was going to handcuff us together and rape us with his baton or something. woah. i was totally planning escape routes in my head. so was et. xani bar was letting him smack her ass. what in the fuck is wrong with my friends.

none of us ended up getting raped, probably because i kept telling him DO NOT FUCK WITH US I AM SO SERIOUS through telepathy. cops are seriously fucking disgusting.
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