Tuesday, August 16, 2005

benny the bitch

one time i had this friend ben.

we used to hang out all the time. one time i was driving him home and i fell asleep behind the wheel. another time i set his hair on fire. being friends with me is fucking dangerous.

oh yeah, also i used to date his brother.

when we broke up ben fucking acted like it traumatized him. dude, don't be a little bitch.

so i dropped my dogs off at their house last night because i'm sick and didn't want to deal with them and ben's sitting there all shaggy haired wearing some kind of sweatband looking like a fucking tennis player reject from the seventies or something drawing pictures. pictures of bloody piles of bones and shit inside cages or something. anyway he looked at me like he wanted to fucking give me a colombian necktie or something. what the fuck. i pretty much pretended i didn't see him at all.

now my ex boyfriend just called me to make sure i'm not going to pick the dogs up until he gets off work because i guess ben is home alone and the subtext is that i don't want to run into him.

what the fuck is wrong with people? i heard he said something about wanting to slap the shit out of me or something. this fucking kid has beaten people FOR me and now he wants to beat ME? how the fuck do you go into such a rage over NOTHING?

you think you know people. makes me fucking angry.
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