Sunday, July 31, 2005

self induced insomnia

ghetto buck is back from ohio like forever. yes. our first measure of business was to form an acoustic daft punk cover band. then we made up a dance where she pretends i have a dick and she's sucking it and then i pretend i'm coming in her mouth and then she wipes her mouth and smooths out her eyebrows with it. pretends to. whatever. it's pretty much illegal.

alyssa was like woah, look at this drummer you probably love him he's an ADD monkey. it's true. love for ADD monkeys practically emanates from my pores. so i decided to stare at him and make him nervous. we had a staring contest. later the ADD monkey was selling some adderol to my friend and i'm like "hey you should give me some of those. for free." i didn't even want them i just like to test my theory that i get everything i want. so yeah i didn't want them but of course i ate them anyway. like why not.

then i did some other stuff. i don't know. sat on a fire escape and watched some people smoke a joint. stole some guinness glasses from the bar. ended up driving this kid to his place in west town. i think he might have fallen in love with me a little bit or something. when we got to his house i practically pushed him out of my car while it was still moving. i think he was talking about poetry he wrote or something. i'm totally the wrong person to try to impress with that shit.

now i'm all fucking geeked and shit and i just finished off this bottle of fucking ferdinand peiroth wine from the nahe region of germany or something and it's supposed to be making me crash out but it's fucking not. what the fuck ferdinand peiroth, why in the fuck must you fail me now?

okay, i'm going to hit myself in the head with a skillet now and see if i can knock myself out.
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