Sunday, July 31, 2005

saturday night

last night we went to the darkroom. there was a line like down the fucking street. me and sasha sat at the bus stop. we're like

i never wait in line.

no, me neither. it's like if i have to wait in line i won't go.

pretty girls shouldn't have to wait in line.


we decided not to wait in line so we walked to sonotheque where we decided not to pay a fucking $15 cover.

if i don't know someone that can make me not have to like wait in line and pay 15 fucking dollars, i'm not going.

sasha is fucking awesome. she shares all my opinions on waiting in line, paying, and being pretty. we also shared similar ideas about thai food, ibiza, and rolled up pants.

we got into the car and drove to smart bar. tyrel had to put his hair in a ponytail beause it was way too outrageously long and blowing all around. we didn't wait in line. bruce and i smoked some cigarettes.

i got drunk and danced but i was pretty much just going through the motions. then i decided i was going to dance to the music in my head which is what should have been playing but wasn't. some super enormous dude was standing completely still right next to me. i pretended he was my body guard. i tried to get him to move by shaking my hair all over his face but it didn't work. then i smashed into all the people that were in my way.

i wasn't drunk enough. i ate some cheetos.
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