Wednesday, July 27, 2005

leave the money on the dresser

">my new best friend commented me a totally spectacular picture of a dead bird on myspace today.

pretty much the awesomest shit ever. plus i got a bulletin about danny the wildchild spinning tonight. for free. and like dollar beers or something. suddenly i don't hate myspace so much that i want to cleave it in half with a butcher knife and throw it's dead carcass off the roof.

i also got a message from a guy named ken, from oak lawn. ken is 43. a "generous older man." ken sounds like a really great guy. and he likes to have discreet fun! and he's married!

how the fuck did ken find me? does he love rawkus records? like he was searching profiles for rawkus records and then he found me and my technicolor profile photo, and thought, wow, this chick would probably love to listen to company flow while getting the shit fucked out of her discreetly in a best western in the fucking south suburbs! yeah right.

god, now i feel dirty.

i bet ken is a fucking project manager at smurfitt stone or something. and he probably wears short sleeved button down shirts and he probably has a fucking gut and skinny white legs. he probalby is sunburned from his fucking family vacation when he took his kids to noah's ark in wisconsin dells or some shit.

i'm going to go throw up now.

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