Saturday, July 30, 2005

how i spent my summer vacation

this weekend i bought two books and made a girl cry tears of joy and drank a martini and had sex in the kitchen and smoked a lot of lucky strikes and laughed at people who work on fridays and had a hangover and ate thai food and went to horror rama and drank vodka out of a water bottle and saw house of 1000 corpses for the first time and didn't have a hangover, HELL MOTHERFUCKING YES.

buying books is good because you can read them and not be bored, and i get bored, like every five minutes.

talking to a girl you shunned for a year and making her cry out of joy is good because that is how you know you are awesome and everybody wants to be friends with you.

drinking a martini is more awesome when you have olives but on the other hand olives make you fat.

having sex in the kitchen is good because then you get bruises on your spine and you look like maybe spikes are going to come shooting out of your back which is a pretty good look for anyone.

smoking lucky strikes is good especially when you are smoking them at home and not like on a smoke break. people who work on fridays are funny. thank god it's thursday bitches.

thai food is good, duh.

horror movies are good, especially when you watch them with your friend who has already seen them but gets scared anyway and tries to grab your hand but can't because your arms are inside your sweatshirt. also it is good when your friend's parents (aka your fake adopted family) are in love with horror movies and they drive you to horror rama so you don't have to pay for parking and they play horror movie soundtracks in the car and feed you cheese and cookies and chicken ceaser salad wraps.

not having a hangover is better than having one. having a hangover sucks because it makes you not want to drink anymore but then you eat a grilled cheese and like five hours later you are drinking again.

and there are like two more days left of the weekend. yes. tonight i am going to get trashtastic at the darkroom for prince vs. michael jackson. yes, this is as cool as it sounds. two djs spinning rare tracks from and tributes to prince and michael jackson. i'm staying at xan's house.

i bet her dad will make me breakfast in the morning.
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