Thursday, July 21, 2005

green line super star

i finally saw lonnie today. lonnie is my friend to the end that i met on the train. i was listening to my ipod super loud and he asked me what i was listening to. handsome boy modeling school (white people). prince paul? from de la soul? yep. and the gravediggaz. real hip hop! that's pretty much how our conversation went. there was also a lot of handshaking. like every time i said something he either shook my hand or bowed a little. it was cute.

another time we were on the train and he let me listen to his earphones (the new common cd) and i let him listen to mine. i know, i could barely believe i was letting a person i met on the train put my earphones IN THEIR EARS. it was like a whole new world for me.

so i made him a cd and then i didn't see him for a while but i finally ran into him today so i gave him his cd which he was super excited about. so we were talking and the kid in front of us turns around and starts talking to us too and lonnie shows him the cd i made and the kid is like shit how come i never met anybody on the train that wants to make me anything? then he's like i'll make you a cd if you make me one so i'm like, okay, even though i have never seen this kid on the train before and i probably never will again.

wouldn't it be fucking awesome if people on the train made each other cds all the time? and they could pass them all around to each other and trade them and shit? i think that would pretty much be the awesomest shit ever.

it would all be thanks to me, because i paid it forward like haley joel osment (ew, haley joel osment i hate you, i was so glad when you died of aids on walker texas ranger. hahahahahhah hahahh).

i totally enjoyed taking the train today even though there was an onion by my foot and it smelled like a tuberculosis infected puddle of piss.
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