Thursday, July 28, 2005

am i a bigger megalomaniac than bret easton ellis?

last time i tried writing this story for some reason i started to feel like i was going to die. i tried writing it again last night and it did the same thing. i wondered am i allergic to my story? then i realized that even though i wasn't writing about myself i was. then i realized that everyone in every story i've ever written is me. one time i wrote a story about a megalomaniac. people read it and were like that girl on the bus is totally you. too bad i probably put myself on the bus to distract myself from the fact that i was already on the bus in the form of my fucking patrick bateman-esque main character. like if i figured out that my fucking brain thought i was an american psycho it would probably make me want to die or something.

is this normal? probably not or else how did bret easton ellis write that fucking book without going fucking insane??? thinking about being a greater megalomaniac than bret easton ellis sucks. time to think about something else. is it okay that i liked glamorama?

oh wait, he did go fucking insane. that is why his new book is about himself but not himself. it okay that i liked glamorama?

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