Tuesday, June 14, 2005

vous etes degoutant!

sitting outside the louvre smoking a cigarette and a crazy french imposter in a striped shirt eating cheese and crackers lost his mind right in front of me. it was pretty amazing he went completely insane at the sight of xan and said something like fuck bitch fuck bitch FUCK FUCK BITCH FUUUUUCK!!!! i think he also said something about spitting food on us or spitting out chunks of our dead bodies after he raped and dismembered us or something. xan was leaning against a tree blowing smoke all over him and telling him to go get his ass fucked in french. plus the louvre was closed.

tonight fred is gone so we went to the adc and got vodka and papya juice and shit and now we are going to have a topless cocktail party and discuss our scandalous double lives.
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