Tuesday, June 28, 2005

step to the rythym made out of brown paper

last night i grabbed a whole bunch of cds and got in my car on a mission to drive along aimlessly until my phone was charged which takes like four hours so i got on the highway and was like huh where the fuck am i going to go. then i drove past independence and had the brilliant idea of pulling off and getting totally geeked and driving all night to ohio. then i was like no that's retarded. then i was like fuck it, no it's not.

so anyway i should be in ohio right now easing my comedown with cheap american beer and looking like a fucking wastezoid with swollen cracked up lips that can't eat because she fucking gnawed the inside of her mouth into a bloody pulp while driving in a furious cocaine frenzy all night long but i'm not.

c'est la vie i guess.
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