Thursday, March 10, 2005

when i was a little kid i had some r2d2 underwear that was pretty much the awesomest thing ever. it was like a whole set, with a tank top and everything, except i guess it was called an undershirt back then. the underwear had a dark blue skyscape on it and it said R2D2 in red letters. anyway, i was still wearing that underwear until i was 17 and my roommate was like, um, dude, your underwear says r2d2 on it.

thinking back on it some pederast probably would have really loved that r2d2 set.

anyway, that was back in the days when my ass was small and cute, aka not now. today i bought like 20 pairs of underwear, and then when i came home and had my fashion show or whatever i found out that i'm fat.

i guess i could probably stop drinking, but then i would be boring. probably i should just start doing copious amounts of blow. then i really would be a train wreck, but a hot one with a great ass. a great ass and no teeth because i would probably grind them down into little stubs. hm. that would not be hot at all. i would have to walk around with a bag on my head all the time.

maybe i could do some homemade liposuction on myself with a hole puncher and a straw or something.

wait, i don't even care. i get to wear new underwear every day for like a month. hell yes.
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