Friday, March 25, 2005

today this guy at work who is not really my boss but kind of brought me a bunch of boring shit to do so i told him i was about to go to lunch which was a lie i was actually going to go shopping but then he came with me so i actually had to eat lunch. we went to the corner bakery and then we went shopping and i made him think it was his idea. i'm so convincing.

i was thinking about posting some full frontal nudity on easter because really who is going to be reading this on easter? i would probably only leave it up for like 40 minutes. maybe like one person would see it and they would be like what the fuck!!! i'm not doing that. that was a lie.

one time i had a picture of a dead bird on here and today i took some more pitures of it because it is still fucking there do you believe it? i will take pictures of it until it is bones. you can already see them a little bit. wouldn't you rather see that than boring pictures of me anyway? it is much more christ like for easter.
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