Friday, March 25, 2005

this just in

i'm so mad at my brain. i think i've been in love with e. neal for several years and my brain has been keeping it from me. god, my brain never tells me anything.

all those years i thought i had brotherly love for him and now i find out that it was acutally real true love. i guess the rumors were true.

yesterday i was looking for some carmex and i found a note from e. neal. it wasn't even written on a whole peice of paper it was like on a scrap. it really doesn't matter what it said. i guess it was emotional or something. no, it was totally emotional. look how uncomfortable shit like that makes me. i can't even describe it properly. probably because i am a robot.

i was totally amazed that i'd saved it. i never save things like that.

then i saved it again. while i was putting it back i even wondered, why am i not throwing this away? because it is a beautiful symbol of our brotherly love.

but then i dreamed we starred in a musical together. serioulsy, you don't star in a musical with your brother, you star in a musical with someone you are in love with. i saw moulin rouge, i know how it works.

fuck. i always thought you could drink a whole bottle of tequilla with someone and pass out on the floor together without falling in love, but maybe you can't. this new knowledge changes everything.

i wonder who else i'm in love with that i don't kow about yet. ew, i hope not my actual brother. that would be sick.

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