Sunday, March 27, 2005

they even made smooth criminal sound not cool

i went to howl at the moon last night. pretty much the worst bar ever. old people and ugly people. there's two piano players and it's supposed to be awesome or something because they play really stupid songs like brown eyed girl or something and all the old people and the ugly people sing along. man these piano guys can play anything. like if i was fat and forty and from wisconsin i would probably freak the fuck out when these piano guys started playing the totally most aweosme usher song! YEAH!

if they had played the ten crack commandments i probably wouldn't have had to drink myself into such a stupor. today i wasn't even hungover, by easter magic or something. oh yeah, the piano guys also should have played the theme song from full house too. everywhere you look! there's a face! somebody who needs you! shoo bee doo bop mm be bop...doop! i would have totally sung along like crazy to that shit.
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