Tuesday, March 22, 2005

so much more fun than psychometrics

yesterday when my professor wrote "quick and dirty" on the board i got excited for a minute until i realized we were talking about the quick and dirty method of utility analysis, where in the absences of data you estimate the standard deviation of y by multiplying average salary by .33, and that is when i realized psychometrics is boring.
i was thinking that i should probably become a race car driver, really how hard could it be. plus since i'm a girl i wouldn't even have to be that good. they could put pictures of me on lighters and shit, and my parents would be so fucking proud. or mortified.

then today while i was reading jessica's blog about how she wants to take all her clothes off and leave work naked or something i was inspired to pursue a new goal, and that is the goal of becoming a porn producer. jessica could be my partner. like we wouldn't be starring in it, i guess we would pretty much write it and film it.

one time i did a favor for some film students and starred in their terrible movie. probably i could get film students to film porn for me for super cheap. yes, i am always thinking.

probably the best idea would be to make the craziest porn ever. people are sick of normal porn. two people fucking? that is boring. if i wanted to see two people fucking i could just have sex in front of the mirror.

i don't know what my craziest porn ever will be. maybe like do it yourself reality porn where some dumb retard pays me tons of money so he can have whatever kind of sex he wants with whatever kind of girl he likes and capture it on film for hours of masturbating pleasure. like a beautiful fusion of porn and prostitution. or something like that. or blueberry porn. i don't even know what that is but i bet it's incredible.

is there a porn scene in chicago or am i going to be like a pioneer?

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