Sunday, March 06, 2005

my new m.o. is when i'm drunk enough i just walk into the other room and lock the door without saying anything to anybody. it either makes me look mysterious and sexy or socially awkward and alcoholic. and by drunk enough i mean so drunk i can't stand.

i think i almost died today. i woke up in my clothes and my boots and everything and my hair was wet for some reason and i felt like i someone was smashing my head with a brick. then i laid in my bed and waited to die for like four hours. then i didn't die so i left the room and thrilled the hell out of jesscia who thought i was dead for real because she heard me crashing around my room gagging last night. then there was a lot of shivering and whimpering, and then i slept through rocky three and most of rocky four.

thank god i got an old grandma blanket at target last week because it pretty much got me through the whole ordeal. i love you blue blanket. i love you applesauce. i love you split pea soup.

i hate you vox vodka. but i'll be back. i'm like that dumb girl that lets her boyfriend beat the shit out of her and never leaves him. vodka, you don't even have to say it with flowers. i'm that easy.
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