Wednesday, March 23, 2005

moral court with judge larry elder

today on moral court this girl named erin brought her best friend jessica on the show because jessica was blackmailing erin with naked pictures. i guess erin got naked at a frat party and jessica took pictures and was like, erin if you don't stop being such a slut i'm sending these pictures to your mom.

seriously what a bitch. judge larry elder thought so too.

i had a slutty friend in high school, but i never blackmailed her with naked photos. mostly i would just be like "GOD, COULD YOU STOP BEING SUCH A FUCKING WHORE, NO WONDER EVERYONE CALLS YOU THE DERB FOR HERB GIRL!" and then one time i did an intervention on her where me and xani bar showed her a picture in a medical book of a healthy vagina and told her her vagina was dirty. do you believe i wasn't the slutty friend in high school? i know, i don't either.

probably erin should have taken some preemptive measures, like telling everyone jessica drugged her and and took advantage of her. she could be like "yeah, she kept on telling me to show my tits so i did, and then she told me how hot i was and started taking pictures. i don't know what happened next but when i woke up there was lipstick all over my thighs. it was really weird."

that's what i would do.

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