Sunday, March 13, 2005

the liars club

i met a liar at the bar last night. it probably would be more unique if i could say i didn't meet a liar at the bar because everybody at the bar is a liar.

i should probably come up with lies to tell at the bar, then maybe i wouldn't be so god damn bored and irritated when people talk to me. i should probably say my name is tatiana and that i'm a mail order bride or something. but it would have to be different every time or else it would be boring after like two times.

i could say i was 37 years old. then if i went home with a guy that was like three years older than me it would be way more exciting for him then it really was because he would think he was with some sexy older lady who was all experienced and cheating on her rich husband or something. not that i would ever go home with someone i met at a bar because i pretty much don't trust weird bar people to not bludgeon me and stuff me in an oil drum and light me on fire and roll me into the chicago river. plus i'm not slutty.

maybe if i was the hugest liar ever i would turn into one of those people that loves meeting new people and stuff, pretty much the opposite of now, when i hate everyone. yeah, for me to enjoy meeting new people i would have to be lying to them for a joke. that's because i'm a nice girl.
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