Sunday, March 20, 2005

jessica killed a man last night

i didn't put any mayo in gene lancaster's mouth while he was sleeping but i thought about it.

did you ever take a shower and get so lazy in the middle of it that you just stand under the hot water and can't even bring yourself to wash your hair? it's especially awesome if you are standing with your arms in some weird position like how super retarded people do and you are so catatonic you can't even move. if you put the plug in the drain then later you can decide you would rather take a bath.

i am probably in no condition to go to the cape cod room for my dad's birthday in an hour. i have a feeling they will not have saltines there. fuck. will i throw up all over the white linen table cloth? or will i make it to the bathroom in time to spark rumors that i'm like totally bulemic? stay tuned!
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