Thursday, March 17, 2005

it's my perogative

when i was little and i couldn't make up my mind my mom used to say i was in yes no land, so i guess that is where i am right now because i think i changed my mind about not getting married.

i want to get married to someone i'm not dating though. like maybe xani bar's brother because then i would get to be sisters with my best friend and the parents already like me. plus if we had a baby it would be absolutely stunning.

yes, that's right, i've decided to have a baby after all. i'm going to name it maseo mastermind and if it starts to piss me off i'll send it to exeter.

if xani bar's brother doesn't want to marry me i'll probably just marry a stranger. like carl or funky fresh freddy or if i decide to marry a girl, etienne. if i married a stranger then the first time we had sex would be on our honeymoon and it would be like we were virgins or something, but with experience. hot.

i bet we could stay married for at least two years, probably longer if we didn't live together. it would also be an open marriage so my husband would never cheat on me because it would not be possible. maybe one night we would both be coming in at the same time and i would tell the butler to whip up some grilled cheeses and he would tell me he was just out with the dumbest person ever, and i would say oh my god, me too, at least he was hot, and he would be like amen to that.

that sounds good to me, plus then i get some kind of tax break and possibly some insurance that allows me to see a gynocologist with an actual medical degree? and if i marry a canadienne, dual citizenship? sweet.

and you know when i said it's my perogative i was talking about bobby brown, right? i hope my marriage can be as beautiful as bobby and whitney's. damn.
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