Saturday, March 05, 2005

i hate poetry

the sky is blue

the clouds are white

the sun is yellow orange

but not always.

sometimes the clouds are pink

the sky is yellow orange

and sometimes the sun is gone.

the moon comes up

the sky is black and gloomy

i think i think i think

the sun is up again

last night there were no stars.

if i was a teacher i would probably assign this poem to my students and make them tell me about the symbolism in it, or what is the deeper meaning of this poem, or some shit like that. i would make them write an essay about it.

then i would give them all Fs and be like NO, you're WRONG. i wrote this poem in first grade and it's about the sky. that's why the title of it is SKY. what is wrong with you idiots.

then i would tell them that even though that poem won the 1986 gwendolyn brooks poetry contest for first graders, i knew in my heart that it sucked, and that is why i never wrote a poem again. and then i would tell them that none of them should probably ever write a poem again either, if they had any dignity. maybe i would point at a couple of the smart ones and say "except maybe you and you."

that's why i'm not a teacher.
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