Friday, March 04, 2005

i am as smart as a four year old math genius from the old days

so today etienneaida left me the best comment of my life. getting compliments from girls is better than getting them from guys because it hardly ever happens unless it is like your best friend. or unless it's some drunk girl in the bathroom telling you your hair looks nice and then after you leave she probably laughs and makes fun of you or something.

then my professor was telling us about some four year old math genius from the olden days that invented the sumnation sign or whatever you call it (captial sigma). anyway, i guess it was supposed to be amazing that to keep him busy his teacher asked him what is 100 + 99 + 98 blah blah blah all the way down to 1 and the kid figured it out in like 30 seconds. big deal, i figured it out in like 15 seconds, it's 101 times 2. I think in the olden days people were way dumber, like they used to take limits to find derivatives and shit, now we have easy formulas for that. but anyway, i think that being as smart as a four year old math genius is the perfect amount of smart to be. seriously, if i was that smart when i was four years old i probably would have killed myself by or had a heart attack by now, and even if i was still alive i'm sure i would have no friends.

on the other hand, i think when i was four i had a lot more depth than i do now. what happened to it? school killed it. i remember my uncle telling me about reincarnation and i decided "i believe that you can be reincarnated if you believe in it, but i don't believe in it." now that shit makes no sense to me right now, but i bet it's pretty fucking profound. too bad my educated mind can no longer grasp it. also when i was in the car i used to look at the sky and pretend i didn't exist. looking back on it, i was pretty much meditating and i think i almost reached enlightenment. now i can't even sit still for three minutes. i guess society ruined me.

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