Thursday, March 03, 2005

gross, it's crystal meth, cocaines ugly bitch sister that makes you feel bad instead of good and turns you into amanda plummer in the movie freeway. even though i think she was freebasing in that movie. whatever. yesterday i had the un pleasure of watching 45 minutes of spun, the most disgusting movie of all time. i borrowed it from my brother who i guess forgot to tell me that it was retarded and vomit inducing. i'm still going to watch the rest of it though even though i should probably just take it out of the dvd drive and smash it into a thousand peices and tell my brother i did him a big favor because he obviously forgot how sick that movie was and probably doesn't want to accidentally watch it again.

it's about a bunch of crystal freaks including brittany murphy. fucking genius casting, that. anyway, i think whoever made this movie probably had just seen stand by me and thought it would be cool to get a whole theater full of people to throw up chain reaction style. too bad so sad that this movie proably never made it to theaters.

the whole point of the first 45 minutes is close ups on disgusting puss pimples and brown fucked up teeth. i guess it must be cool to chew gum on meth and so i guess in order to demonstrate the dirty reality of it there are like 100 close ups of disgusting snaggle tooth gum chewing. i am never going to chew gum again. also there's this one scene with the kid from almost famous eating a tv dinner with no shirt on and spilling brown gravy shit all over his chest, and then his fat mom is in the other room and she's eating too, plus she's wearing a g string or something and is as fat as the mom from gilbert grape and she spills food on herself too, and neither one of them cleans the food off their disgusting fat pimple bodies. it's the sickest shit i've seen in a while.

the only reason i'm going to finish watching it is because i want to see if jason schwartzman is going to rember that he left a stripper tied up to his bed before he went on his three day speed freak out.

the people in requiem for a dream were like beautiful angels from heaven compared to these fucked up people. so i guess the whole point of the movie is that only disgusting white trash people do meth, and meth makes you ugly the end.
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