Thursday, March 03, 2005

gag me with a spoon

well, i just saw the worst thing of my life. it was like the exact opposite of that movie spun which was the worst thing i had seen in my life prior to this. a bunch of shiny eunuchs running around in bermuda shorts singing the song fame, but instead of being like "i'm gonna live forever, light up the sky with my name, FAME!" they are singing about bermuda shorts and how fucking awesome they are. it was so bad i cried a little.

then it made me think about that story my mom told me about how when she was 13 she couldn't afford bermuda shorts and had to wear last seasons short shorts which were so not cool that she was the laughing stock of the locker room and then i cried a little more. i think i would rather watch mena suvari's asshole take a shit than see that sorry display again, which i will, again and again i'm sure because it's a fucking old navy commercial. the sad part is i can tell they spend a lot of money on those commercials. they should just give me $50 and i will create a better commercial than that. one that doesn't make people cry and want to kill themselves.
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