Friday, March 18, 2005

fuck tha police

what the fuck, i got pulled over yesterday while i was at a stop sign. the crazy part is that i was following all the rules of the road for like the first time in my life. unless the rules of the road include having your vehicle registered or whatever. fuck that. like i really want to pay sixty dollars once a year so i can have a sticker on my liscense plate that is green instead of yellow for 2005 or whatever.

on the bright side i get to miss work on may fourth so that i can go to court where i will get to observe the scum of humanity for an hour or two.

of course i got pulled over by a fucking female because female cops have to be extra fucking bitchy. probably they're all pissed that they get no respect so they have to take it out on civilians or something.

i never have a problem with male cops, probably because they never pull me over, and if they did they wouldn't say stupid shit like "put that cigarette out, it's polluting my air." not that that happened yesterday because i quit smoking in 2001. yes, female police officers have been pissing me off for many many years.

why can't they be nice to me like mariska hargitay on law and order svu?
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