Tuesday, March 22, 2005

ET is a superstar

i love you ET

ET was my second roomate in college. the first one only lasted four days, that's how terrible i am. seriously, imagine living with me in a room that's so small you have to push your beds into the wall every morning.

one time we got some guy to drive us all the way to eastern illinois university and i made her sit in the front and then i pretended to be asleep.

i also used to tell her she looked like a cocker spaniel.

i used to hit her a lot too, like every morning when she waking up for class and i was sleeping through it i would be like "ugnhh, shut uuuuuppppp!" and then i would lean out of my bed and hit her.

for some reason she is still friends with me.

i had a third roommate that same year, i got moved to an all girls floor because i got in too much trouble for, like, running around with a coconut on my head and smoking in my room, and spending too much time in the mens washroom or whatever.

ET helped me move.and then later she lived with me again. on purpose, can you believe it?

happy birthday ET!
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